Sunday, 28 October 2012


Nursyakila Dahan

DAMN! i miss you so much syakila. if only you know how much i miss you.. :(

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Mr.Medes ? the first day he enter the school . i hate him. i thought his not my type. well , at the same time i still have feelings to my fucking ex boyfriend MICHOLAN .. wwooooooo! back to mr.medes..  Since then , i post about him on facebook . i told people tht i hate him.  but then. month pass by. i feel like i'm falling for him. before tht feeling appears , he always approch me at school and say " iloveyou" " imissyou" . and even give me the most sweet smile ever. it like some connection between me and him .. it's like. both of us keep on messaging each other. i mean EVERYDAY ! well.. i do proud to say tht. but. actually , NO SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ME AND HIM.  

but there is something special about him.. he always makes me sway. his beautiful eyes , smile , the way he talk. the way he look at me. oh my ! SWAGGIE! when he text me. he text me back as fast as he could. it makes me feel like he really do wants to talk to me. there's one day both of us didn't text each other, suddenly the next day he text and says the there's something missing in him if both of us didn't text only for a day. i was like " what the heck! " . tht was waayyyyy too sweet !

everyday he makes me feel like i'm perfect . thinking of him can make my stress gone.. aha! so true! but. i dont even think if he got some feeling towards me. any feeling.. i think it just a friend to friend feeling i guess. but , i wish i could say .. he STOLE my heart. i was an ordinary girl.. damn! he really got me on my knees... he had the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen.. we end up like sharing secrets and imagines a lot of stuff.. 

pretty cool rite ? there was once . me and him.. on facebook.. webcam! he was soooo beautiful.. i mean handsome ! ehe! he always told me one day he wants to hug me.. like what i did to  hazraai (bestie) .. tht moment .. i was thinking if tht really happen.. i'll be the happiest girl in the world.. i hope so ! 

damn! i really do want him.. :'( .. i wish! well like he said " jodoh sik kemana.. sitok2 jak.. " ehe! 

sincerely me !

~ Sandra Debbie~