Thursday, 29 March 2012

its all about HER

this girl is my besties.. her name is  FELICIA BAJIK.. Amoii knl felicia pd 4/01/2012.. sejak hari itu.. amoii rapat dgn felicia.. smpai skarang.. she's stilll the one.. kalau dia bad mood..same happen to me.. apa yg dia rasa msti amoii terasa.. amoii syg felicia sgt2.. she's everyting for me.. amoii slalu share feelings amoii dgn felicia.. family kiteorg sama nasib.. she's my besties.. and always be my besties..

kat atas tu picture felicia.. :)

yes.. tok lh FELICIA BAJIK .. HEY babe.. aku promise aku xkn BACKSTAB ko.. thts my promise.. ily babe..

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