Tuesday, 15 May 2012

i miss my DADDY..

hey there! gosh i really miss my daddy.! cant imagine how much i miss all the time tht i waste just to be with him.. i try to forget it.. but ... i love him so much .. (my mom divorce him) cant forget him.. today at school.. it was so fun until.. mohd.hazraai ! he was just playing.. he said my dad name.! at first i was laughing.. and then.. i cried! cried!  everybody was suprise seeing me crying! they ask WHY? i just remain silent.. i've fake a smile and a laugh just for my dad.. it hurts damn much.. everything change since he left me.. it hard to accept the reality but i have to.. so i've moved on! tried to move on! all i get is a broken hearted girl.. lack of love for her own dad... ") 

here a picture of my dad and his new wife..

my brother and my father
(jeremy olsen & thomas jimat)

my father and my new mother..
sorry for him messy little hair! hahaha.. having fun tht time :)  )

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