Monday, 21 May 2012

it all about me !

i'm a girl who has a smile on her face when everything going wrong,but im the girl that can be in the crowded room and feel so a girl who tells herself everything will be alright but im a girl who cries herself to the girl who LOVES so many people,yet trust no that girl who seem like the happiest girl in the world,but all she does is the girl that can't be the girl whose searching for something that not even there. :')
just because im quite doesn't mean i don't have anything to say.i judge people to EASiLY from my first impression.i'd rather wait FOREVER for a perfect guy,then settle for unpredictable & spontaneous.I TRY TO BE FORGIVING.i enjoy being unique.i'd rather look immature and have fun than care what other people think.sometimes,im really confident,other time i really feel FRIENDS mean everything to me,but sometime i just want to be alone.i envy people who can fit in so easily without even trying.i'm opinionated & stubborn.But i'm LOYAL,SINCERE,& CARiNG.i always try to see the best in YOU.....even if you IGNORE me.i hate when people make me feel GUiLTY to get their way.i'll always here to listen to your problem.i will stick up for you no matter what happen. ツ

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